Mirror Worlds Release

Mirror Worlds

Explore worlds, not quite as you know them. Alternative Earths, or human-like beings on other planets. Other times, history has changed. A forgotten past. An unreached future. A dream of places that may, or may not, be. Various short stories that stir the soul, and grasp at long forgotten truths which beg to be heard again.

A variety of stories, at various lengths, slip between ten categories:

Other Worlds and Other Worldly


Medical Science Fiction

Future Endings

Future Beginnings

A Future We Won’t Remember

A Past Forgotten


Childhood Exploration


Rating: PG.

Profanity: None.

Romance: Alluded to.

Sex: None.

Violence: Light.

POV Characters: Multiple.

Length: 57,087 words in 38 short stories and 2 poems.

Published: 04/14/2018




Sexual Assault Awareness Month Day of Action

Bending the Bars Marketing.jpg

Sexual assault is something that should not occur. It does exist however. In fact, the majority of women are sexual assault survivors at some point in their lives.

Whether they will admit it, or not. Many don’t recognize the abuse when it happens, or even later.  They explain it away.  Which is called Stockholm Syndrome. And a variety of other conditions play a role in the refusal to recognize the abuse. Including being conditioned to think it is normal behavior.

It doesn’t usually just happen  In most cases, there is sexual harassment before the assault. That may begin moments before, or years before the assault. If only moments before, the victim is more likely to recognize the danger. Especially if the person is a stranger. Though they may not have a chance to escape (jobs, shopping, medical care).

However, often, sexual assault begins in childhood, by people known to the child, and often, their family.  The sexual harassment begins with touches, and comments that seem typical, and acceptable behavior between often the adult and a child.  Spread out over years, people don’t notice the escalation of behaviors, like they do when the harassment is skipped.

Although it should not exist, it does.

I’ve written two books on the subject of surviving sexual assault and other forms of abuse.  Both books delve into multiple stories as to why it occurs, how it is hidden, and how the minds of survivors may work.  As no two cases are identical, no two survivors have the same outcomes.  Some realize they are victims and try to escape.  Others refuse to accept that they are victims, and may even stay with their abuser for life.  Most, fall somewhere in between on a continuum of surviving sexual assault.

Bending the Bars

Laws currently protect #abusers. Survivors abandon children, condemning them to worse abuse. Ruby’s Law is a weak start, a chance to bend the bars of abuse, without breaking the survivors. Legal limbo, safe from #abusers, surrounded by other survivors, little hope of full recovery. Few make it beyond the bars where Ruby’s Law protects #Survivors and their children. #StockholmSyndrome #Abusers stalk. #DomesticViolence #PTSD #CoDependency https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06VVNW5X https://books2read.com/BendingtheBars

The Stork Mis-Delivered – Twice

Mistie Jolin repressed childhood abuse. She awakens haunting fear to save others. Will Mistie to recover become a real person, rather than a shadow that creeps and follows on the wall? There is no easy answer as to why survivors do not escape. Often, they’ve no where to go. Generational damage caused by abuse, neglect, and pain leads to Stockholm Syndrome. #DomesticViolence #AbuseSurvivor #PTSD #SexualAssault https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06WVBZVQB https://books2read.com/Stork

The Stork Mis-Delivered - Twice Marketing.jpg

Autism Acceptance and Normalacy

According to Holiday Awareness calendars, April Is Autism Awareness Month.

Being aware that differences in thinking and living can co-exist is vital.

However, for most autistic people, the awareness model is too close to the medical model for comfort and safety. As if autism is something that can be, and should be, cured.

Autistics are altruistic. They think deeply, of all the cause, effect, and consequences, before they act or speak. Often, losing track of conversations, and confusing those, who are not autistic.

Pete Warmby’s thread on Sensory Overload: https://twitter.com/commaficionado/status/983043921075941376 This happens anytime I am around more than one or two people I know. Even in places I feel safe, and know everyone there.

More from Pete Warmby on Autism and being more than just aware it exists. People need to accept it and understand how it affects every faucet of a person’t daily life. Every routine, subroutine, waking, eating, sleeping, and organizing. And yet, it’s so much more than just those stereotypes. It is a way of life that searches for meaning in every word spoken, every deed done. This means that everything you do that is out of the routine is being fully analyzed every second. To understand, cause, effect, consequences, and more. This why it can take more than a split second to make decisions. Every facet must be weighed continuously. It can be exhausting to do anything out of the daily routine. https://twitter.com/commaficionado/status/980521548967792640

If you want to follow Pete Warmby, he has a blog with his recent autism posts at: http://petewharmby.blogspot.co.uk/2018/03/my-twitter-threads-on-autism-all-in-one.html . He also has a few articles on the Huffington Post: https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/lets-be-accepting-of-autism-not-just-aware-of-it_uk_5ac3f055e4b07e4d9bac4a57 and of course, his Twitter account: @commaficionado.

There are dozens of great autism accounts to follow on Twitter. Another of my favorites is on Twitter and Facebook as: The Girl With the Curly Hair @curlyhairedalis. I agree with about 99% of the posts she posts. And by agree, I mean, I feel as if she has taken the words right out of my mouth, and spoken them for me.

Autism, Aspergers, whatever you want to call it. It is normal for me. To think before I speak, or act. To look before I leap. To see the things that others don’t, even with only 10 degrees of vision. To hear the things, that others forget, even with limited hearing. To prefer silence. Alone time. Do the things that matter in life. Without constant speech, sound, or motion. Saying what you mean, and not leaving the listener, or reader, to guess.

I have a few interesting thoughts and connections of autism. For those who understand and work with genetics, it would be a questions for them. So, I’ll not voice it here. Only to say that I see connections between autism and some of my ancestor’s way of life.

National Week of the Ocean

The first week of April is the National Week of the Ocean.

A perfect time to think about the ocean.  Not just the beaches.  Though they do matter.  The beaches are like the leaves of the ocean. They stretch out to join ocean and Earth.  Ocean and sky.  We see the health of the ocean through its natural beaches.  Those less travelled by humans.

Oceans were once teeming with life.  Now, many sections are left barren by overfishing.  Empty places, with little, or nothing to fill them.

Beaches show this by their lack of living, mostly mammals and crustaceans, who once lived on the beaches, the border between the land and the sea.

Oceans are now filled with debris.  Much plastic, and other garbage, that floated into them from the mountains, down the once pristine streams, to glutted rivers, and deposited in the ocean. Animals eat this plastic, thinking it is food.  Or, in the case of filter feeders, there is no escaping as they open their mouths to eat.  In many ways, plastic in the oceans, is like smoke in smoke-filled room.  No escaping it.  It is in your clothes, lungs, food, drink, hair, and everything there.

We see the devastation on many beaches. Covered with garbage, brought in by the waves.  Garbage that did not originate on that coast, or even that continent.

Europeans are doing their part to enact laws to cut back plastics use, and help clean up oceans, regardless of where the trash in them came from.

Our beaches show us the life and death struggle of the animals that live both in the depths, and those that live on land.

Once, the beaches teemed with life.  Both ocean life, and terrestrial life.  Sleeping, feeding, and raising families.  Now, many are lifeless, empty, eroding without the animals to keep them safe from harm.

Ocean Garbage : https://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/science/2018/03/22/great-pacific-garbage-patch-grows/446405002/

Ocean Cleanup:  https://www.theoceancleanup.com/

Ocean Cleanup on Beaches where the garbage did not originate.  People drink this water.  Fish from it.  Bathe in it.  https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/aug/09/modern-life-rubbish-helping-mumbai-clean-up-beach-india-city

It doesn’t have to be this way.  There are plenty of teens inventing solutions to collect the garbage from the oceans.  As much as possible.  Of course, millions of jobs could be created.  Governments choose not to, as they’ve no place to put all the garbage.  Though, it could be sorted, recycled, and broken down into less dangerous particles.

Garbage Bin: http://www.slate.com/articles/video/video/2015/12/a_clever_new_automatic_ocean_trash_collection_system_called_the_seabin_is.html

A list of options: https://upliftconnect.com/clean-up-the-ocean/

There are dangers to fish being trapped inside the garbage collection devices.  And most of the choices will not collect microplastics, especially microplastic beads. Which tend to fill plankton, that are eaten by larger fish, and larger fish, up three or four sizes before being eaten by humans.

Microplastics https://oceanservice.noaa.gov/facts/microplastics.html

Another option is bacteria that digest plastic.  They could eventually help clean up our oceans, and our landfills.  https://phys.org/news/2016-03-newly-bacteria-plastic-bottles.html Again, creating millions of jobs to grow the bacteria, disperse, it, and evaluate the landfills as they shrink from plastic disappearing.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see the ocean, and its beaches teeming with life, rather than litter?

Smashwords Read An Ebook Week

Smashwords March Sale 2 2018 - 4

Check the #Smashwords Read an Ebook Week!  March 4 – 10!  Several of my books are temporarily reduced in price.  https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/uncoveredmyths

April D Brown’s fascination with history, science, and social science lead her on a quest to uncover forgotten societal mythology. New solutions to old queries will be uncovered in the future, through studies of the past. Her novels and novellas, while adventures, are written in a more classical style, without extreme action, romance, or violence. Characters think before they act. Sometimes, this leads to trouble.

Her nonfiction is often written at the request of others. #Gluten (and allergy) free #cookbooks, include tips for tricks for people with multiple common #disabilities, including poor memory, low vision, and limited dexterity. Journey Through Life #Lists was written at the request of friends with serious memory loss planning their future, and desperate to remember their past. #VoiceOver with the #Brailliant #Braille Display was designed for personal use, when there was no written manual for learning to use a screen reader for the first time as a middle-aged adult.

The clear path April D Brown dreamed of as a child had roadblocks no one could foresee. Of those, the loss of memory caused far more concern, than the loss of hearing and vision. #Deafblind and doing fine, most of the time. After all, vision, and hearing, can be internal, as well as external. With the help of her husband, cats, and dogs, she wanders along the path that unfolds slowly before her. The one she tried to push away as a teen. Writing doesn’t come as easy now as then. Though, it seems far more impactful. Full of hidden vision, wonder, and forgotten sounds and odors.

April D Brown’s books can be found at: http://uncoveredmyths.wix.com/uncoveredmyths.

Sign up for her newsletter (http://t.co/Q5kSUlKV2a), or check out her social media pages for the latest up to date information on her journey through writing while deafblind.

What myths will she uncover next?

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Clean Indie Christmas

After you’ve filled your Kindle with Smashwords sales, you may be interested in Clean Indie Reads.

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This sale offers 40 free or discounted books in a variety of genres.  Something for everyone, without the stress of unnecessary indecency. Clean doesn’t mean religious though.  In fact, my clean books have no mention of religion at all.

Some of the authors in this sale have other books that may not be as clean, so if you follow their lists check for their ratings on their own books.

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