Happy 5th birthday to #amwriting!

Happy 5th birthday to #amwriting created by @johannaharness!

Not many blogs last that long. It’s been a wonderful group to belong to.

Five years ago, I was still searching for an agent. I had my first completed novel, which actually turned out to be a novella. A memory loss workbook, and a survival novel.

I’ll never forget how excited I was to complete what I thought was my first novel. Those characters, and the story, had been a part of my life for 20 years. It was complete at 40,000 words. I was lucky to write 200 words a day on a 20 year old story I knew by heart and soul!

Along came @johannaharness and #amwriting.

What a difference! Having friends to chat with while I worked made all the difference. Though many have come and gone in five years.

How much of a difference?

If I chat with five different people, and make at least fifteen posts on a day, I can write 5,000 useful words and research as well!

How does it help, and not hinder my writing?

I’ll chat a bit on Twitter, and then write until the steam runs out of the scene. After another post or two, the next scene has formed, and I race back to write until I run out of words again. A good 1,000 word scene can be written in an hour, or less.

I don’t talk much about my writing on Twitter. Mostly about pets, weather, garden, and my health.

This method won’t work for everyone.

What happens on day I don’t post much on Twitter and the #amwriting tag?

I probably don’t write at all. I might complete a sentence or two.

While it won’t work for everyone, if you struggle writing, try it! It might work.

Thanks to @johannaharness and #amwriting, I have now published my novella and Trails 1: Trails Through the Fault Lines. With a full publishing plan scheduled through 2018.

I am no longer searching for an agent to represent an adventure writer with an indecent exposure name. I don’t write indecent exposure. My novels are closer to the classics. A journey through the minds of those who journey through life.

I am excited to announce that Trails 1: Trails Trough the Fault Lines is available on Smashwords ( http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/461328 ) and Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00M49876E) as of Friday, August 1, 2014.

 All thanks to @johannaharness and her support team at #amwriting!