Paranormal Season Begins

Fall begins paranormal season.

A great way to begin paranormal season is to read any of Darke’s novels.

She has been a good writer friend on Twitter @Darke_Conteur and Facebook for many years.

Her novels are dark enough to be enjoyable, without causing nightmares.

A list from her Amazon page include:

The WatchTower $0.00 A great introduction to her series.

Under The Cover of Wicca (The Watchtower Book 2) $1.99

Of Covens and Packs (The Watchtower Book 3) $2.99

Sympathy for the Demon (The Watchtower Book 4) $3.99

A blurb from one of my  reviews:

Martin had a night off for a night with his friends. Something goes horribly wrong. Barbara ends up surviving Hell and escaping with someone who may, or may not be whom they claim to be. Daniel finds out a hidden truth. And we wait until the next installment to find out exactly what will happen to Barbara Doyle.

Notes for the reader: It’s difficult to write a review without spoilers on this one. Have fun and enjoy!”

The Prophecies of Mortals (The Watchtower Book 5) $4.99

Enjoy one of her novels today as you prepare for the Halloween season!


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