Molly Watt – Usher Awareness

Molly Watt is a young British woman on a mission to bring awareness to Usher Syndrome.

Usher Awareness Day is September 19th!

I will post two blogs  that day.  An indepth look at Usher means to families of the individual who is diagnosed with it, and a blind school story.

However, Molly Watt, @mollywatttrust, will be posting all kinds of blogs, along with others who live with Usher’s Syndrome.  Recently, she has been posting photos of “What Usher Looks Like.” Like so many medical conditions, it is invisible.

She has a blog and website designed to help those learning to live with Usher syndrome.

Many of my followers may wonder Usher Syndrome is.  For a more indepth description, check back Saturday, September 19th!  For now: It is a medical condition characterized by changing combinations of deafness, blindness, and balance problems.

Check out Molly’s site to help spread the word and raise funds for people with Usher so that they may continue to live and work productive lives.

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