VoiceOver With the Brailliant Braille Display

Learning VoiceOver on the Mac doesn’t have to be difficult.
Improve your braille skills, while learning to navigate VoiceOver. With this manual, you’ll practice step by step processes and build the foundation to work with nearly any program on the Mac with either the Brailliant Braille Display, or spoken VoiceOver itself. This foundation can be built upon as the Mac adds more programs, changes apps and programs, and adapts Siri for the Mac.
Command combination lists are shared, as well as information to help the reader distinguish what many spoken VoiceOver commands translate to as braille display commands.
This manual does not cover how to use the Brailliant Braille Display, or VoiceOver, on the iPhone or iPad.  Online opportunities exist to hear podcasts for braille displays in general with VoiceOver on the iPad and iPhone.  There is even an online list of VoiceOver commands for general braille displays for iPad and iPhone.

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