Tony Noland – Verbosity’s Vengeance

Tony Noland is a long time writer friend whose writing encourages me to long for a simpler time.  The super hero, Alex Graham, harkens back to the memory of a time long forgotten, though gladly preserved in comic books.  And yet, it is a modern, or even post-modern tale.
“Tony Noland lives and writes in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. A lover of language, wordplay, and complex thoughts, Tony nevertheless limits himself to 140 characters at a time on Twitter as @TonyNoland.”
 “Verbosity’s Vengeance“From the Amazon page for “Verbosity’s Vengeance”:
“Alex Graham’s genius designing video games brought him happiness and made him a fortune, but he never expected to see his work misused by military scientists. The collapse of the mysterious Project Unicorn left Alex with scars, nightmares, and strange powers unlike any other superhero. Years later, as the Grammarian, he uses the strength of supple syntax and the power of perfect punctuation to fight for justice on the mean streets of Lexicon City. “