Inspirational Authors – Shakespeare

One of my earliest memories of reading was a tiny read book by Shakespeare.

What play?

I have no idea.

While Romeo and Juliet may be, or have been, the most famous of his works, others were my favorites.

Sadly, I’ve long forgotten which ones shaped an early understanding of reading and writing.  And I can no longer comprehend the earlier English versions they are written in.  As well as their doublespeak.

However, in my writing, I tend to follow many of his traditions.  I open up societal myths.  I examine them under many lenses.  Those of the people in charge, as well as the people who are at the bottom rung of society.  The main characters don’t always die, or meet another grisly end.  They do, however, often have to give up that which they most value.

And do to the way my brain works, sometimes, my writing appears to be double speak as well.  For some reason, my paragraphs are often written backwards, and have to be rewritten forwards in edit mode.

There is very little poetry in my works.  Intentional poetry anyway.  Sometimes, a little slips through the cracks.