Inspirational Authors – Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens.  1812-1870

The author of: Oliver Twist, Great Expectations, A Tale of Two Cities, and A Christmas Carol among many, many other novels and novellas.  And my personal favorite: David Copperfield.

His novels were a rather bleak look into the underbelly of England during the time he lived.  He wrote about many of societies ills, and how some would try to rise above them.  Not all succeeded.  Some did.

Oliver Twist was his second novel, and portrayed the life of boy dumped in the work houses.  This one has even been made into several movies.

The story of David Copperfield.  The novel that gives many a young adult the desire to strive to be a writer.  And yet, the opening scene style is frowned upon by many writers today.  It gives a full background into the character as he is born, orphaned, and begins his efforts to survive without true family or friends.  In many ways, this a more through Oliver Twist, being written six books later.  It takes a very different, and a series of fascinating twists of its own.

Charles Dickens was a well known writer for generations.  In fact, his first novel, The Pickwick Papers is discussed at length in Louisa May Alcott’s novels.  Another inspirational author.

Charles Dickens has inspired me by increasing my attempts to liven up the surroundings of the characters.  And their backgrounds, even if some of that stays in the author’s files.

While some modern readers would prefer almost a white novel, many still prefer the color, light, textures, sounds, and smells that Charles Dickens was able to magically infuse in his novels.