Inspirational Authors – T A Barron

1952 – Present

He writes the Merlin and Avalon series.  Both of which allow readers to think in ways they never have before.  In many ways, T A Barron’s novels bring hope that keeping the dreams and hopes of years past will keep us going bravely into the future, prepared to with the knowledge we can succeed, and the tools we need to dream up solutions to present day problems.

His website is open to people of all ages with the information about his novels aimed at a teen and younger audience, or those whose memories never age.  There is also plenty of room for those who want to learn how to respect nature, and live with it, instead of battling it.  As well as a section devoted entirely to the authors of the next generation to pick up the torch and carry the eternal storytelling flame into the future.

T A Barron is another adventure author who influenced me to write my novels in a quest adventure style.  My characters rarely stay in one place.  They travel, learn about their world as their minds grow, and reach home at the end.  Often, a new home, one they never imagined could exist.