Inspirational Authors – Terry Brooks

1944 – present

A prolific author who writes worlds where none existed before.  Most well known for the Shannara series, now available on Netflix.  However, I preferred the Landover series.  Or, the Word and the Void Series.

I was introduced to Magic Kingdom For Sale, Sold while going through an ugly divorce, a bad college program, and struggling with health problems.  The escape into a world where Ben could control more than he realized was something I could easily connect with.

Over the following decades, I continued to read the Landover series.  I picked up the Word and Void series as well.  Both reached deep inside and touched parts of my memory, healing them, much as the magic tried to heal the land.

I’ve also read his Sometimes the Magic Works for authors.  I really wish I had an ebook copy.  I can’t read the print versions anymore.  He has done a great deal for authors, including answering questions occasionally in a special place on his website.

Terry Brooks fantastical writing may not seem to have much in common with my novels.  However, they helped me learn better ways to delve deep into the characters thoughts, and feelings, as well as the real, and perceived meanings of objects, words, people, and animals all around.  What we see, isn’t necessarily what is there.  What is there, isn’t necessarily what we see.  Or hear. Through the veil of our own memories is what we see, hear, and think about the world around us.  Many of my characters are lost in their own worlds, only partially interacting with others.  At times, the writer, and the reader, are allowed to delve into their stream of conscious, or what appears to be the stream of conscious, as it is only the tendril that has risen to touch the conscious at the moment.