Inspirational Authors – C. S. Lewis

1898 – 1963

C. S. Lewis wrote the Narnia series, which has been made into a series of movies a couple of times.  In his novels, a group of four sensible siblings hide in a wardrobe, or clothes closet, and tumble into a land of talking creatures and never ending winter.   Their adventures are short, and unusual, reminiscent of other children’s science fiction writers of the day, including Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

In the real world, he talked with, and worked with, many other writers, including J R R Tolkien.  This was time when writers would meet in coffee shops to while away the time, and chat about their characters.  It deepened them, and the stories, as they worked together to make a stronger literary foundation.

C. S. Lewis inspired me to remember how religion and belief systems affect a society.  As well as what can happen when someone chooses to live outside of the belief system.  Sometimes, no one knows.  Unless, that person breaks codes of conduct that the society does not allow.  Then, the society has to determine, through their belief system, what they should do to right the wrongs.  Sometimes, the belief system changes.  Other times, it remains the same.