Inspirational Authors – Robert Asprin

1946 – 2008

Robert Asprin is another fantastical writer who blends magic, technology, and the real world in ways that wow any reader.  He takes terms, and turns then on their heads, and makes them spin, until they morph into something totally different, much like Douglas Adams does.

Skeeve’s travels through the world of Myth leads to adventures and puns that will make your head spin with laughter and fun.  Not novels to be read lightly, though they may be read briskly.  Nearly inhaled at times.

Jody Lynn Nye, his co-writer for many years is continuing the series.  She learned from the master punner, and continues his work in a similar vein.

Robert Asprin’s writing has influenced mine in many ways.  He would often take an everyday object, that one of the group members would not recognize, and have to describe it as if he had never seen it in his own life.  Of course, sometimes, it wasn’t objects, it was words the characters had never heard spoken that we take for granted.  Led to some interesting times in his Myth series.  Was an invaluable education on description for my characters in Trails 4 – 6.  I had to go back and re-read a few of his description situations to figure out how best to describe a computer as a first time viewer would see it.  Someone who had never heard of a computer, or seen one.  Even though much of his work was fantastical, it was perfect for a beginning writer to learn so many aspects of writing.