Inspirational Authors – Jody Lynn Nye

Jody Lynn Nye joined with Robert Asprin to continue the Myth Adventure line.  Her work in these novels allowed the universe he created to continue after he was no longer able to write.  Her stories are just as fun, punny, and fantastical as his ever were!
And in many ways, some of her own writings, such as the Mythology series, are a special set of bringing hidden magic into the world we think we know. You look closer at things, people, plants, and animals after reading her stories.  Her writings give them thoughts, feelings, and a life we cannot imagine in such a hurried style we live in.

Her writings have only begun to influence my writing.  Mostly because I have primarily edited it seems for the last two years.  However, I can see how the characters in Trails 5 and 6 will take her understanding, and relation to objects and plants, past, and future, and to rebuild what could have been.  Whether or not it will be.  And I can see how they could influence some short stories – especially The Empath.