Inspirational Authors – Laura Ingalls Wilder

1876 – 1957

Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote the famous Little House books.  Her writing allows a look at the tiny aspects of life in the times and places she lived.  Without it, we wouldn’t have as much understanding of daily life issues for the people who lived and worked on the plains, and the farms of the early United States.

Laura’s writing influence my life long before I though of being a writer.  Her writing, as well as the television show and movies showed me the goodness that still exists in some little corners.  Even deeply hidden under the meanest of exteriors.

Her writing opened a path to hope and dreams of a brighter future, and honest, friendly people, who never bit back.

Her writing reminds me to see each object in the scene.  Each blade of grass, every tree, the rocks, the insects, and even the birds.  Don’t forget the little pets, both intentional -cats, dogs, chickens, and the unintentional – lice and fleas.  And how sometimes, your words may come back to haunt you, even when the person you taunted likely deserved it.