Inspirational Authors – Sean Dwyer – August 26, 2016


Sean Dwyer is a Spanish professor who also enjoys writing – most kinds of writing, including novels and songs.  He has a strong presence on Facebook, and is happy to encourage other writers to reach their dreams.  Sean does more than encourage for many fellow writers.  He has lived the struggles.
Sean cares so much for others, that it nearly killed him almost two years ago.  He was stopped at a crosswalk as two people crossed.  Then, a car came up behind him, and didn’t realize he was stopped. His car was totaled.  At first, he thought he was okay.  Then, the brain damage began to show.  In the last 20 months, writers have been there to be his friend as he has struggled with the damage left by the accident.  He continues to encourage his writer friends, even while he struggled with his own edits and writing.

Sean has encouraged my writing and publishing, both before and after his accident.  He has answered a few specific questions regarding Spanish and how it might transition through time.More than that, I’ve watched as he has progressed through his therapy and treatment for brain damage. I can relate, as I’ve experienced brain damage long ago, and never fully recovered.  I though, had no one to help me.  No good doctors, or insurance.  I know soon, he’ll be writing circles around me again.  And I look forward to it!

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