Inspirational Authors – Edward Eager

1911- 1964

Edward Eager is another writer of magic for children.  In his universe, adults don’t recognize magic, unless the magic needs them to.  And even then, that adult may not remember that magic exists by the next chapter.  Once a the teen years are reached, the memory of magic seems to flicker away.

His stories are short, and intended for a very young audience.  They are filled with adventure, and escapades at a time in history when the towns were safe, and streets were mostly empty during working hours.  The children could run and play all over town, without their parents worrying about their safety.

Edward Eager is a writer for children, who recognized that children were intelligent, beyond what adults often credit them for.  This is primarily how he has influenced my writing.  Which sometimes leads to people who, although they may be around children a lot, don’t really listen to them speak, and observe the way they communicate in their play.    Children know far more they can they can verbally communicate.  And often, feel it is hardly worth the trouble to try with adults who speak over top of them, and rush to finish their sentences, instead of waiting patiently, as the child gathers the words they need to speak clearly.