Inspirational Authors – Kathryn Lasky

1944 – Present

Kathryn Lasky is a prolific author of primarily very young readers books.  I have enjoyed her Guardians of Ga’Hoole series.  It holds a place near and dear to my heart.  This series covers a time after humans are gone, and how the animals live among the rotting ruins of a civilization that even the oldest among them barely remembers.  Their adventures chronicle descriptions of objects, that although they would everyday, commonplace to us, the young owls, have no idea what their original purpose was.  Occasionally, they repurpose an item, for their own good, or sometimes not so good, reasons.

Kathryn Lasky’s writing, has given me another insightful way to look at an ordinary, everyday object in unexpected ways.  This helps me to ask questions while writing, questions like, what would think this was, if I had never seen it?  How can it be used in this scene?  Will their use of the object cause it to break?  Are there any consequences of breakage (radiation, glass shards?)  She also delves deep into the minds of the animals she writes about.  Although my novels are not from the animal’s viewpoints, I do try to make them as real as possible, and perfectly clear what major character animals are thinking and feeling.