Inspirational Authors – Marguerite Henry

1902 – 1997

Marguerite Henry wrote the Misty of Chincoteague, and related books.  While they are short stories, they are a perfect evening read.  All the animals are as alive and active with character as the children.  Only some of the adults seem are less well developed.  Then, again, maybe that was intentional as well.  Perhaps those adults were the ones the children saw as less developed.

Marguerite Henry’s writing influenced me in many ways.  The way people can animals connect, often instantly.  Especially children.  In one scene in Coffee, Tea, and Gluten Free: The Novel, I had to re-read a few of her books.  I wanted to get the scene where a horse would foster a newborn correct.  In many ways, Tammy’s relationship and connection to the horses is reminiscent of what happens to the children in Marguerite Henry’s stories.  In a more grown up manner of course.  Though her story about the lost pups isn’t.  Though, they occurred at a much younger age.