Inspirational Scientists – Galileo and Newton

Galileo Galilei (1564 – 1642) was a contemporary of Johannes Kepler and continued to advance the views of Nicolaus Copernicus’s planetary motion laws.  He continued Kepler’s work with telescopes. He even took his new lenses and created the first known microscope. He discovered, and named four moons of Jupiter.  However, the religion of the time was not ready for his teachings of science.
Issac Newton (1642 – 1726) – was born the year Galileo died. He continued to advance the telescope, developing a reflecting lens.  His use of light and prisms has continued to be used in many areas of science, especially lens development for scopes and glasses of all kinds.  Newton also developed the founding laws of physics.  Mostly in relation to gravity.  Many sites list a variety of inspirational quotes by Newton.

These scientists continued to build upon each other’s work, much as writers do.  I hope that each novel I write takes science and life one step closer to a life that can bring joy to all. Finding the line to step up to, and not over, isn’t easy.  Different people are in different places in preparing to learn and move forward. Some will never be ready in this lifetime.  Others just need that little nudge, to find the key to open the next lock and bring us all one step closer to life without strife.

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