Inspirational Scientists – Francis Bacon


Francis Bacon was a contemporary of Galileo.  He created the beginnings of the scientific method as we know it today.  He created tables with check off list like information to help with studying how the something works in a step by step manner.  This required comparing bits of gathered data, and then explaining what occurred.

The scientific method is vital when studying anything.  To create a hypothesis, test it, and share the results is something manny people do innately, without naming it.  Or, being precise.  In fact, newborns do so.  When a baby gives a certain cry, they learn what response those around will give them.

As we grow older, we sometimes forget, or get so rushed in our complicated world that we that one step leads to another, and have to re-learn what we knew as a toddler.

In my writing, I use the scientific method to explore what will happen in different settings.  What would happen if no one remembered what was stored at the bottom of cooling ponds in the nuclear reactors?  And if the water stopped flowing?  If they weren’t cooled and properly disposed of, what would happen?  Wait for Trails 5 and 6, Trails Through the Sludge and Trails Through Time to find out!

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