Inspirational Scientists – Charles Darwin

1809 – 1882

Much has been written about Charles Darwin.  It can be difficult to separate the facts from the myths.  His connection to scientific study began at birth, with a doctor for a father.
However, Darwin did not keep his sights set on only humans.  He expanded to scientific discoveries and comprehension of both living and extinct plants and animals of all kinds.  His research took him away from his home in England to the Pacific Ocean and the Galapagos Islands at a time when sea travel was still done by sail.
Travel time gave him plenty of time to contemplate the similarities, and differences, between species on nearby islands, as well as the mainlands from far away.  Although much of his work has been expanded upon, without his efforts, much of our understanding of how nature interacts would not be known.

Charles Darwin’s research has led me to analyze the interactions of people and the environment, as well as animals and the environment.  It has also encouraged me to think about how the environment affects the genetic choices a species will make, and how those genetics may be successful, or fail, if the environment changes, or they are moved from that environment.  Hopefully, these aspects are visible in the Trails Series.

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