Inspirational Scientists – Livia Blackbourne

Livia Blackbourne has a PhD in cognitive neuroscience.  While this may sound scary, and it could be, it means that she has an indepth understanding of the brain and how it functions.
When I first found Livia’s blog posts, she was writing about how the brain works.  I was at the time working on Memory Loss Workbook – never published.  “The Power of Touch” was likely the first post I read from her.  I studied many posts about how memories are formed, and how the brain recognizes images the eye sees and the ear hears.
I followed her Twitter feed, and eventually, her Facebook page.  I learned a great deal from her over the years that has helped my in my writing to look deep into my characters and understand their motives.  Whether they are bad characters, good characters, misguided characters, or even those who feel trapped by their circumstances with no escape in sight.  All of these characters are made more true to life by a better understanding of the brain and how it functions.  Those functions may cascade based on the current environment, including chemicals, sights, sounds, odors, touch, and previous memories.

Livia Blackbourne is also an author.  Her primary author page is:  Her most recent novel is Daughter of Dusk.

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