Inspirational Scientists – John Dalton


John Dalton had an influence on several aspects of science.  Due to a family history of red-green colorblindness, he delved into the study of heredity genetics.  He also did ground breaking work studying the smallest components of particles and resurrected the word atom.  His research would be remembered, and used over the next century, in ways he could never have imagined.

Hi work affects my writing in many ways.  Most of which I probably don’t recognize.  His study of color blindness paved the path for an understanding of other genetic illnesses, many of which are only beginning to be recognized and understood today.  Those that affect me personally include Ushers 3 and Celiac.  I write about celiac in my – Coffee, Tea, and Gluten Free: The Cookbook.  I write about the journey to live gluten free in Coffee, Team, and Gluten Free: The Novel.  It isn’t easy to live in a way people don’t expect.

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