Inspirational Scientists – Mendeleyev

1834 – 1907

Mendeleyev is a Russian scientist who took the study of elements from their previous understanding, to place them nicely and neatly on his Periodic Table of Elements.  A few empty squares on the table remained until then unknown elements were discovered.  This could be done because the table was designed to account for the number of protons in each atom.  It allowed the table to be grouped in other ways as well that help in memorization.

The study of chemistry is something I wanted to understand more.  I did at one point.  The more through studies were so close to the end of my school years, that I was unable to retain the information as well.  However, I do recognize how atoms and molecules affect everything we do.  Especially cooking and cleaning.  I try to include a little chemistry in my cookbooks.  Those neat little tables should have been easy to learn and use in other areas of life.  Any form of science needs a firm grounding in the Perodic Table of Elements.

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