Inspirational Scientists – Albert Einstein


Einstein is well know for his famous equation and his role in the development of the atom bomb.  His work would not have been possible without the work of other scientists before him.  Many of whom even history has forgotten.  Without their contributions, he would have been unable to combine all their theories together and develop his own many theories.
Many scientists have attempted to better understand and use Einstein’s theories for their own work, continuing the time line of science knowledge extension.  Will future scientists have to face as complicated a series of choices as Einstein did when he decried his role in atomic energy?

Einstein took the scientific method to new levels with his research.  He had notebooks filled with scribbles, eventually undecipherable, even to his own eyes and brain.  In many ways, I have similar notebooks filled with words even a good reader with good eyes can no longer read. I long to write about science as clearly as Einstein tried to do.  My writings contain enough science to be accurate, and still be enjoyable.  And yet, I long to write those articles that only a true scientist would enjoy.  Or pose those deep questions that only a scientist with time and money could answer.

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