Inspirational Scientists – Gregor Mendel – September 15, 2016


Gregor Mendel is famous for several reasons. Most elementary school children learn about his pea experiments.  His observations and notes documented years of research in the genetics of pea plants. However, he lived in a monastery, and his works did not reach the public eye until long after his death, and other scientists had published similar works.

His works are not directly related to my novels.  Although, they can be used as a basis for the genetics discussions in Coffee, Tea, and Gluten Free: The Novel.  Genetics fascinated me, long before I understood how they can create situations such as Celiac and Usher Syndrome.  Now, they affect me more.  I would really like to write a novel about chimeras.  I’ve tried, and it hasn’t worked.  There are so many ways a chimera can be formed.  Before birth, during life, during pregnancy, primary (in the womb), and secondary (organ donation or blood transfusion).  Making an interesting story around it is difficult.

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