Inspirational Scientists – Darren Naish

Darren Naish is a Tetrapod Zoologist.  He is on Twitter as @TetZoo.  He writes about all finds of animals – mammals, reptiles, fish, and birds, both living and extinct.  Dinosaurs, and their proper descriptive depictions is a common mention on Twitter. Though he does admit, that early depictions, while often wrong, were based on the knowledge that people had at the time. He even draws wonderful pictures for his books.
Darren Naish does several important things for science.  He takes the knowledge and that was, and the knowledge that is and improves the available information for the future.  He is a great artist, and is able to better represent, with scientific accuracy, what perhaps was not possible by scientists reporting to artists who were not scientists.  His skills will improve the knowledge of future scientists.

Darren Naish’s work has encouraged me to venture ahead with what science knowledge I have.  I do my best to share my knowledge, well aware of the fact that the information age changes the knowledge by leaps and bounds daily.  My hope is to share, and encourage others to want to learn science and history on their own.