Inspirational Scientists – Ron Schott

Ron Schott is a geologist.  He was an early adopter of Google Plus and the hangouts. Those hangouts were very educational.  The picture sharing didn’t work as well at that stage.  Lots of talk about geology, earthquakes, and volcanoes.  I don’t think he is still doing these.  Or, only for specific private groups.  He posts frequently on Twitter.  These pictures are always fascinating.  He also has a website for his gigapans: .

Thanks to his help, I was able to make my geologists and volcanologist more believable.  As well as have an opportunity to ask questions about the landscapes Amber and Alex would encounter.  I did my best to avoid some of the movie myths that annoy true geologists.  I may not have caught all of them.  I truly appreciated all of his efforts to help bring science alive to people who otherwise might feel intimidated by it.  Hopefully, I can make others feel they can study and contribute to the future of scientific knowledge.