Inspirational Scientists – Dr. Rebecca Williams

Dr. Rebecca Williams combines volcanology, geology, and petrology on her Twitter feed.  She researches the interactions between volcanoes and their local communities.  She is also a professor.

I’ve read various blogs about her studies into volcanoes and pyroclastic flows.  Pyroclastic flows are deadly, like in Pompeii.   She is working to better understand them, and perhaps be able to predict them.  Part of predicting them, is predicting the paths the flows may take.  Which often includes cleared roads.  I think she has a lot of fun researching, and teaching her students.

I actually found Dr. Rebecca Williams on Twitter after I finished Trails 1 and Trails 2.  I had already published Trails 1.  I do enjoy her posts and pictures.  Thankfully, nothing I’ve read by her contradicts what I have already written.  Her work compliments what I have written about female scientists being able to do any research, and hold any position in the science fields.