Inspirational Scientists – Catherine Russell

Catherine Russell is a geologist on Twitter.  She posts about all kinds of science from the earliest cancer fossil to studies about sedimentology, and even astronomy.

Her stream of posts keep my brain working and covering more options and ideas for future stories.  Especially for Tails 5 and 6, the Time Travel pair.   By following Catherine Russell on Twitter,  I am able to share her posts with my followers, potentially others, especially young women, to study science. Her website postings go to:

I wish I had followed my dream to be an archeologist.  It may have led to some interesting life differences.  A college professor discouraged women, and at the time, I wanted to help people, so I didn’t pursue science.  And now, my brain has forgotten more than most ever learn, and my body couldn’t take the rigors of scientific research.  Instead, I write what I know, and continue to follow the most up to date research.  I hope to encourage others to follow their dreams.