Inspirational Scientists – Garry Hayes

Garry Hayes is a geologist who writes the Geotripper blog. .  I have followed him on Google Plus as long as I have followed Ron Schott.

About two years ago, I was battling the sudden loss of half of my remaining vision.  I have about 10 degrees of useable vision left.  During this time, Garry Hayes posted a magnificent blog series that included many places I could only dream of visiting.  Finances, and physical health would prevent me from going no matter how much I might want to.  His pictures could bring peace and rest as my mind somersaulted through the emotions that had to run their course.

Garry Hayes has inspired my writing by encouraging my dreams with pictures that help fill the voids where my imagination can’t quite reach what I think the geological puzzle will do next in a novel.  Thanks to him, I learned to use a camera lens to better focus the world around me.  It allows me to see more than my partial eye can see on its own.  I feel my work is more accurate thanks to his descriptions and blog work.