Inspirational Scientists – Emily Lakdawalla

Emily Lakdawalla is a planetary scientist who writes about the Curiosity mission to Mars.  Many of her Twitter posts are filled with Curiosity news and events.  Her posts provide fascinating photos and stories that make excellent retweets to share science knowledge  with everyone.  Her interest in space includes all the planets and beyond.

Even though my eye would never allow me to effectively use a telescope, I enjoy the pictures she posts.  Or, perhaps in some ways, if I had gone into astronomy, I might have done okay.  I never had more than 1/4 of an eye to begin with, and most average telescopes only have an eyepiece that works with one eye, not two.  With all the updates, and fascinating technology, imagine begin able to view the stars with the tech that is available.  And perhaps using some of that technology to help those who have even less vision than I myself do.  Or as I myself may one day have.