Inspirational Native Americans – Daily Life

Native Americans had a much different attitude about life than modern Americans.  They focused on their family and their health.  They lived in nature, with nature, as a part of mature.  Not apart from nature.  They focused daily life around natural events.  They prepared from winter in summer, and prepared for summer in winter.  The passing of herds, or growing of plants occupied their plans. Everything in life had a spiritual, and personal meaning.
Each tribe had their own religious customs.  Those customs permeated life, through cooking rituals, birth and death rituals, planting or hunting rituals, even in the design of clothing, tools, and interactions among tribal members and with other tribes.
Often, moving, building a home, or other projects involved the whole tribe, or a large percentage of people.  People of all ages spent their time together.  Working, playing, planting, building, and just relaxing.  Those were the times they valued.  As much as they valued alone time.
These are aspects of life that forgotten today.  With everything compartmentalized.  People only seeing a few people of their own age each day.  No direct communication with family or friends.  No planting, building, or just living each day.
Often, those raised on reservations cannot function in a world where they have to remove themselves from life in order to make a living.  It requires a different mindset. They lived with nature’s clock, not an electronic device on the wall.  Their idea of a productive member of society, was a person who lived in society and shared with others of all ages and abilities.  All were respected.  They need to be part of their families each day.  An active participant in their daily life.  Not outside, looking in.

Terra always felt outside, looking in.  She had been happy doing so, in hundreds of cultures across the world.  She thought Arizona would be no different.  Until Keama encouraged her to mingle into the world and help her friends.  A gentle nudge and another, and soon, she had found her place.  Only, she had to keep it.  With her new children by her side.

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