Ancestor’s Tears

What do I think as I read the headlines today?
I feel my ancestors crying.
We know healthcare will be a struggle for women. Those who are most vital to humanity’s survival.
We know they are going to remove all help for special needs kids in school. All special instruction. This includes braille for blind children. Blind children have lost the right to learn along side their peers.
We know we will now be drinking water laced with coal slag and other toxic chemicals. These chemicals will kill the rivers and stream banks. Will kill the fish. And isn’t safe to drink, bathe in, or wash your clothes in. And yet, that has been legalized.
The administration has managed to upset the Australians. No one knew that was even possible. Not to mention the Mexicans (vitally dangerous), the Chinese, and the European Union. Plus who knows how many more countries that haven’t reported.
Cog wheels.
We aren’t cogs in a wheel.
Although that was common thought- that all humans are identical. We aren’t.
We are each different. With different strengths and weaknesses.
However, we all, regardless or gender, or ethnicity need safe food, safe water, clean air, a safe place to live, and sleep.
Is it that difficult to treat every person you meet as your equal?