Data Loss

I wish there was a way to share Twitter posts on Facebook. I can’t find an easy one.
Sadly, reports are – most of the science data on government websites, collected over the last fifteen years, has been removed.
This includes climate change data, federal inspections, animal welfare, and so much more.
Will the American astronauts in space even be able to come home with the loss of so much data?
I relied on many of these sites, especially the USGS when writing my novels.
I studied many of the volcanic national park sites.
It is sad to see so much knowledge disappear. Will future generations ever re-learn it? Or will it be forgotten? Much like no one knows how ancient buildings were built to last for centuries – often with tremendous stones, and nothing to hold them together.
We are in a losing time. A time when much technology will be lost and forgotten. Many keys to how things are done, built, or made will be bent and broken beyond repair. A few people may retain pieces. Not enough to duplicate that which was once valued.