Bending the Bars – Domestic Violence

Bending the Bars is almost done.
This novel is a composite of millions of abuse studies. They occur every day in this country. Most to women and children. And the occasional man.
While no story matches one real case, all have elements of dozens of cases.
Women abused by the system – lack of healthcare, lack of transportation, religions, husbands, boyfriends, sex offenders, brothers, fathers, even their own mothers.
There are a few male cases included. I tried to match the number of male cases to the known numbers of males abused by others, and the known types of abuse most common to males.
I had hoped never to have to write this novel. It began 15+ years ago. There had been hope, as sex offenses had been made illegal.
Now, sadly, they are legal again. So the novel must be shared, so that everyone can see the multi-generational effects of abuse on the individual, and how one single abuser can morph into thousands in only a few generations.