My Zoo Games

Many of you know that I play the My Zoo and My Zoo2 game on Facebook. Have for years.
I do my best to delete the posts, as I don’t want to share game posts constantly.
However, today, I want to talk about the purpose of the game.
The purpose is to teach us about the animals humans have driven to the brink of extinction. There are four levels of animals – first, the non-breedables, who are often common animals, and may not be endangered at all.
There are three levels of endangered animals. These animals have been driven to almost extinction through environmental destruction, hunting, and other unnecessary practices. Some have been to as few of 20 living members of the species before they began the trek back to life.
Without many of these animals, our society as we know it would not be possible. We need them. They need us.
In a way, I wish there were no need to add more animals to the endangered species list. Simply deleting the list does not delete the need for it.
If you want to learn more about these endangered animals. I’ll include a link. In each game, the animals come with a card that gives the basics about them. And an opportunity to research and learn more about each animal. As well as what you can do to help each animal. In some cases, it’s as simple as planting blooming flowers. In others, only specialists can help. Those who have trained to work with the animals. Know how to breed them, and keep records so that they will have stable and viable offspring without genetic disorders.
As much as I enjoy the games, I wish we could take all of the animals out of the endangered categories.