Homes. Most of us have one. Usually.
Some people have been posting we need to build new homes for the homeless before we help others.
Yes, we need to help our people first.
Thing is, we have more homes, and empty buildings in this country than every homeless person could fill.
How can that be?
Mos t homes are simply not affordable. I remember when I was 20, nice homes were sold for $50,000. Within a few years, they were double or triple that.
When I was 20, I tried desperately to buy a home. I was called a child by the bank, and told to wait a few years. Only, a few years later, all homes were out of anyone’s price range.
Do most of these homes and buildings need work?
Certainly. For 30 to 40 years, homes were built like cogs on a wheel, with no thought to people outside the age range of 20 – 30.
Tearing them down isn’t an option either. Many are plagued with asbestos and other hazardous materials. As a society, we really need to think about what we are putting in our environment, and whether or not it is sustainable. Landfills simply aren’t enough for all the hazardous chemicals and materials produced between 1900 and now.
We have plenty of homes. They need to be repaired and made available to those who need them. Those people may need help caring for their homes. Most people do. Those in the 20-60 age range work too much to care for their homes. Those beyond that age range, simply are no longer able to fully care for their homes. That’s a topic for another day.
Homes exist. Buildings that have sat empty for years could be transformed into nice homes. There is no reason to have a homeless person. There is no reason to build new homes, until the ones that exist are fixed and filled.