Point of View

I have to write the blurb for Bending the Bars, and find the blurb for The Stork Mis-Delivered – Twice.
A few more bits.
These will be ready to go soon. Very soon.
The original version of Bending the Bars, is the very first “novel” I wrote.
It deserves quotes. At the time, I thought it was complete. I didn’t realize what a mess it was. Full of filter words. Half the chapters were little more than a summary paragraph. The connections didn’t work.
When I re-wrote it, I found a way to weave it together. I needed the thread story to be different than in the original version. This made two chapters, that were fully written, very difficult to re-construct.
One especially, since it was apparently in the POV of the survivor, instead of the rescuers. I really didn’t understand POV when I wrote it. Though, I can understand why I did it that way. It gets the reader into the head of the survivor, and why they stayed in the abuse situation.
It would work for a movie. Not a book. Readers aren’t use to head-hopping. TV watchers do it all the time, and don’t realize it.
In some ways, I’ll be glad to finish and publish these two dark novels. They tell the tale of a dark and evil time in our history. Let these books reach survivors now, and help our world recover to stop the abusers. To stop the abuse.
Not all the characters live. Those who, are often scarred beyond the ability to live a normal life. There only hope is each other. And the safety behind the bars, hidden, legally safe from their abusers.