Science and Medical

Today’s topic is the importance of science in our lives.
Without science, we wouldn’t know so many things. We wouldn’t understand the basics of food safety for one thing. Hundreds die each year from improperly handled food. If we didn’t follow common sense, scientifically proven food handling methods, millions would die each year from food poisoning.
Are all of the regulations correct? Um. Some may actually be backwards, or ineffective, if used incorrectly.
How did our ancestors manage? They cooked and ate the food then. Also, they had a naturally developed immune system. It could work on its own. It didn’t need the pharmaceutical companies to be activated.
Those pharmacy companies are the number one offender when it comes to blending science fact with money making. They are out to make money. No doubt. It’s more expensive to treat a symptom continually, than find the root cause of a disease, and cure it.
Pharmacy companies are the only ones who have too much self-regulation. They run tiny sample sizes, ignore symptoms, and don’t test for the long term. Too many drugs are put out that we find have deadly consequences, that sometimes don’t appear for decades, or until the next generation is born. If they are born.
Part of the scientific process, is independent scientists running the same tests with the same results. That almost never happens within the drug care industry.
True, people want cures. However, often, instead of a cure, they end up with long term side effects, that may damage any offspring for an unknown number of generations.
Another aspect, I value my hearing aids. They shouldn’t cost a year’s income. To the individual, or insurance.
It’s a case of, if they lowered the price, they wouldn’t be able to keep up with demand. As it is, they claim the price is so high, because demand is so low. And yet, they are only expected to last a few years before being replaced.
Oh, and hearing aids should not need disposable batteries. Our landfills simply don’t need more batteries. No places recycle them.