Bending the Bars

Book Title: Bending the Bars

Genre: Abuse Survival (case studies)
Age: Adult

Anne’s story need never be written.  If existing law had protected Anne, Ruby’s Law would never have been written.  Instead, Jo and Lennie begin a 20 year trek to find and rescue Anne from her abuser.  Along the way, Ruby’s senator sister pens a law that would have protected Ruby’s kidnapped children, and Anne.  They rescue hundreds of other women, children, and the occasional man.  Often, the survivors have known no other life.  They have been conditioned to believe abuse is normal.  Can the New Underground Railroad Project stay on track to train abuse survivors to live abuse-free on their own?  Or will they remain behind the legal bars that protect them from their abusers?

Other notes:

Bending the Bars is a journey though recognition of abusers, and survivors in the United States. It recognizes how the laws protect the abusers at the expense of the abused. It also conveys reasons why so many stay when they are abused.  They often feel there is no escape. Often, there isn’t.  If they have children, they have to leave without them, potentially condemning their children to worse than if they stay.  Legally.  It shouldn’t be that way.  Ruby’s Law is a weak start to grant safety to survivors, and a place to bend the bars of abuse, without breaking the survivors.

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Abuse survival, dysfunctional families, religious abuse, abuse survivor law, abuse survivor recovery, co-dependency, self-esteem, Body Language & Nonverbal Communication, PTSD, crime, legal system, domestic violence

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