Women’s History Month 2017

Women’s Rights have been a serious topic in the Americas since the late 1400’s.  Before that, women often led, and owned the ownable tangible items in American societies.  Not all of them of course.  Many.  Women were valued for all of their abilities – to create a future generation, homes, clothing, cooking, story telling, and more.

Since the Europeans arrived, Women’s Rights have eroded.  At first, the settlers treated women well.  Without women, men would have had to cook, clean, sew, and more on their own.  As the generations passed, women began to be ignored. In recent decades, even with the laws passed, women have lost rights in the workplace, in education, and in life.

It isn’t uncommon for employers to hire a bunch of people, and then choose who they want to work, not based on skill, or ability, rather on gender, and how many children they have to support.
Married men with children have the first right to a job.  Then, men with children.  Then married men without children.
Once employers work their way through male applicants, they weed out the women.  Unmarried women with children have first priority.  Then, married women with children.  After that, employers debate on the remaining women.  Those who are single are determined to have more rights to a job than married women.  Yes.  Employers, female employers, have fired me multiple times over the first ten years I worked in the late 1990’s. simply because I did not have children.  They’d keep a woman with children who refused to learn the job, and was hired after me, promoting her, so she would maybe learn responsibility. Several female supervisors told me this was their reasoning.  Without a baby, I didn’t have a right to work.

As recently as age 40, I was told to go home and have a baby to take care of me.  That isn’t biologically possible.  Never was.

In education, I was steered away from science fields in college by bad male professors who did not want women to compete with them.

Domestic violence is on the rise.  New laws being written to do away with protection from domestic violence.  We need the ACLU more than ever, to return basic human rights to women.

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