Women’s History Month – Louisa Adams

Louisa Adams (1775 – 1852), Abigail Adam’s daughter in law, and the first foreign born first lady.  The only one until 2017.

She was born in England, and lived much of her childhood in France.  She was able to speak French so well, she was taken for a native, even in later years, during the Napoleonic wars.

As a young woman, she suffered from many chronic disabling illnesses.  After marriage, she suffered from at least one miscarriage, and the death of her only daughter, who was born during the years she and John Quincy Adams lived as ambassadors to Russia.

Her life was difficult being the center of so many strong people, all pulling for their own needs and wants.  However, her husband, John Quincy Adams suffered alongside her.  In many ways, Louisa’s political aspirations for her husbands were stronger than his own, and only less than her mother-in-laws.

As a daughter-in-law to Abigail Adams, she began to study and regard women’s rights as innate.  She wanted to do many things with her life, and felt held back by societies rules regarding a woman’s place.  Her beliefs that a woman could do as well as a man in most regards, led to many letters being written.

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