Women’s History Month – Florence Ellinwood Allen

Florence Ellinwood Allen (1884 – 1966) was born in a family that worked tirelessly for the betterment of others.  They recognized that by lifting others, they lifted themselves, and even more communities to hope and prosperity.
Early on, she had a fascination for arts and music.  However, her career path, unusual at he time, led her to study law at a time when women were not allowed to pursue a law degree.
She worked with her family to gain rights for women, children, and families. She met Susan B Anthony and Anna Howard Shaw, and hoped to join them in the fight for women’s equality. Most important was the right for women to vote.  By gaining the right to vote, women gained even more rights – including the ability to legally be a judge.  She ran for a judge office, and was elected – the first female judge.  This wasn’t a token judgeship. While in the position of a judge, she continued to fight make, and improve policies for women, children, and families.
Her judgeship was not her last.  She continued onward through the legal system, including being the first female judge on the Ohio State Supreme Court. As another first for women, she proved, even at the age of fifty, she could oversee to the Federal court system to judge in the US Court of Appeals.
Her efforts in the courts helped to bring peace to many families.  In so doing, she hoped to eventually bring peace and hope to the world.  She believed women should be active politically, and work to bring an end to war, by outlawing it if that was required.  She also longed for a precursor to the UN to settle international disputes and encourage international peace through education and acceptance of differences.
Her writings (This Constitution of Ours, To Do Justly and Challenges to the Citizen) would be as valuable today as the day she wrote them.  Perhaps more so, as she recognized the importance of inclusion of all, regardless of gender. Especially in the current climate which is striving to remove basic human rights from women.

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