Women’s History Month – Clara Barton

Clara Barton (1821 – 1921) was another female leader who led women into roles they had larger forgotten they could do. She became a teacher, even though men were regarded as better teachers, because it was thought male students wouldn’t behave for a female teacher at the time.
Teaching wasn’t enough.  She sought to work for the federal government, though women had not been allowed to before that time.  Her life led her to working in the US Patent Office.
The Civil War brought a time of trial for Clara Barton.  She was already sixty years old.  That didn’t slow her down.  In 1881, she created the American Red Cross.  Building it to the foundation of today filled the next twenty-three years of her life.
Like many women’s rights leaders of the time, she wrote books and pamphlets.  She was a public speaker.  She led other women into roles they might never have realized existed.  Her life led her through improving the education system, the patent system, and even the healthcare system.
Her home, and place burial, is in the National Park system. Clara Barton National Historic Site.  Let us hope it is never lost.
The American Red Cross as she knew has changed.  They still make first aid kits to send to places of emergency.  They still make recreation kits to send to soldiers.  They have also taken on other roles.  In particular to soldiers.  Their hotlines are often the lifelines between a soldier and family in an emergency.

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