Women’s History Month – Rowe Versus Wade

Works Cited: All Accessed on 02/23/17

The Roe versus Wade case was decided in January of 1973.  It is being fought in the streets (and courts) again, two generations later.

It took 3 years to determine if women had the right to choose an abortion, and at what point during the pregnancy abortions were no longer considered legal.

At a time when an understanding of genetics was just beginning to be proven, many people recognized the dangers of child being born from rape and incest, which accounted for the majority of abortions.

Even today, the majority of abortions are for young women, many whom have been in sexual relationships since pre-teen years with male family members.  It is not uncommon for the young woman to have no memory of the sexual contact, they are often groomed and drugged during the experiences.  Even if the young woman is no longer with her abuser, she may still be in an abusive relationship which leads to her having no control over the choice of sex or not.

There are a small subset of women who may choose abortion when they are poor, simply because they do not have the money to support a pregnancy, even if they work full time.  That isn’t their failing.  That is societies failing.  Full time work should support a family.

Rowe Versus Wade gave women a chance to protect themselves against the men who choice to force their bodies on them without permission.  Today, those men are more aggressive, and are fighting to regain total control over women’s bodies.  Most women who have an abortion never had any say so in the choice to get pregnant.  When we take away the ability to protect themselves, and society, from the abusers choices, we threaten society with generations of children out of control, and more violent than any we have seen in decades.

Rather than punish the women (and preteen girls) for the rest of their lives, we need to punish the men who do these things to them.


For further information check the CDC site:  https://www.cdc.gov/reproductivehealth/data_stats/index.htm