Women’s History Month – Mary Jemison

Works Cited: All Accessed on 02/23/17

Mary Jemison (1743 – 1833) is a symbol of the tens of thousands of children captured and raised by Native American tribes who did not want to return to the colonial lifestyle.
This says a lot about the colonial lifestyle.
These children were captured and raised as a member of the tribe.  Equal to all other members, and expected to do the work to maintain the tribe.  Their affiliation with the colonials was forgiven, and forgotten by all, including themselves.
Mary was 15 when she was captured.  At that time, it was common for 16 year old women around the world to be considered an adult, and married.  So, technically, she could left on her own within one year.
Instead, she remained.  Married, and raised a family.  She refused to return to her colonial roots, no matter how much the government expected her to.  Among her adopted family, she had rights that would never be granted a woman in colonial society.
There are many articles and books about Mary’s life among her adopted family.