Inspirational Authors – Marguerite Henry

1902 – 1997

Marguerite Henry wrote the Misty of Chincoteague, and related books.  While they are short stories, they are a perfect evening read.  All the animals are as alive and active with character as the children.  Only some of the adults seem are less well developed.  Then, again, maybe that was intentional as well.  Perhaps those adults were the ones the children saw as less developed.

Marguerite Henry’s writing influenced me in many ways.  The way people can animals connect, often instantly.  Especially children.  In one scene in Coffee, Tea, and Gluten Free: The Novel, I had to re-read a few of her books.  I wanted to get the scene where a horse would foster a newborn correct.  In many ways, Tammy’s relationship and connection to the horses is reminiscent of what happens to the children in Marguerite Henry’s stories.  In a more grown up manner of course.  Though her story about the lost pups isn’t.  Though, they occurred at a much younger age.


Inspirational Authors – Kathryn Lasky

1944 – Present

Kathryn Lasky is a prolific author of primarily very young readers books.  I have enjoyed her Guardians of Ga’Hoole series.  It holds a place near and dear to my heart.  This series covers a time after humans are gone, and how the animals live among the rotting ruins of a civilization that even the oldest among them barely remembers.  Their adventures chronicle descriptions of objects, that although they would everyday, commonplace to us, the young owls, have no idea what their original purpose was.  Occasionally, they repurpose an item, for their own good, or sometimes not so good, reasons.

Kathryn Lasky’s writing, has given me another insightful way to look at an ordinary, everyday object in unexpected ways.  This helps me to ask questions while writing, questions like, what would think this was, if I had never seen it?  How can it be used in this scene?  Will their use of the object cause it to break?  Are there any consequences of breakage (radiation, glass shards?)  She also delves deep into the minds of the animals she writes about.  Although my novels are not from the animal’s viewpoints, I do try to make them as real as possible, and perfectly clear what major character animals are thinking and feeling.

Inspirational Authors – Edward Eager

1911- 1964

Edward Eager is another writer of magic for children.  In his universe, adults don’t recognize magic, unless the magic needs them to.  And even then, that adult may not remember that magic exists by the next chapter.  Once a the teen years are reached, the memory of magic seems to flicker away.

His stories are short, and intended for a very young audience.  They are filled with adventure, and escapades at a time in history when the towns were safe, and streets were mostly empty during working hours.  The children could run and play all over town, without their parents worrying about their safety.

Edward Eager is a writer for children, who recognized that children were intelligent, beyond what adults often credit them for.  This is primarily how he has influenced my writing.  Which sometimes leads to people who, although they may be around children a lot, don’t really listen to them speak, and observe the way they communicate in their play.    Children know far more they can they can verbally communicate.  And often, feel it is hardly worth the trouble to try with adults who speak over top of them, and rush to finish their sentences, instead of waiting patiently, as the child gathers the words they need to speak clearly.

Inspirational Authors – Sean Dwyer – August 26, 2016


Sean Dwyer is a Spanish professor who also enjoys writing – most kinds of writing, including novels and songs.  He has a strong presence on Facebook, and is happy to encourage other writers to reach their dreams.  Sean does more than encourage for many fellow writers.  He has lived the struggles.
Sean cares so much for others, that it nearly killed him almost two years ago.  He was stopped at a crosswalk as two people crossed.  Then, a car came up behind him, and didn’t realize he was stopped. His car was totaled.  At first, he thought he was okay.  Then, the brain damage began to show.  In the last 20 months, writers have been there to be his friend as he has struggled with the damage left by the accident.  He continues to encourage his writer friends, even while he struggled with his own edits and writing.

Sean has encouraged my writing and publishing, both before and after his accident.  He has answered a few specific questions regarding Spanish and how it might transition through time.More than that, I’ve watched as he has progressed through his therapy and treatment for brain damage. I can relate, as I’ve experienced brain damage long ago, and never fully recovered.  I though, had no one to help me.  No good doctors, or insurance.  I know soon, he’ll be writing circles around me again.  And I look forward to it!

A few places to find Sean Dwyer on the Internet:

Amazon –án-Dwyer-ebook/dp/B00LBMYSA4

Website –

Facebook –

Inspirational Authors – Diane Duane

1952 – Present

Diane Duane is science fiction writer who has written in the Star Trek Universe as well as her own Young Magicians universe, and many other projects that aren’t so closely related.

Her Young Magicians novels could sit well on the shelf next to Madeline L’Engle’s Wrinkle in Time Series.  They a re a little more modern, and a little more advanced in what the magicians can do.  They cover science.  Though not as indepth as Meg does in A Wrinkle in Time.

I’ve only read a few of Young Magicians books.  I’d like to read to more.  It’s not so much her writing, as her communicating on Twitter and other social that influences me.  She actually responds to posts, and retweets posts of others.  Sometimes, I reply to someone, and forget they are a more famous writing than I am.  When they reply, or even like the post, it makes me feel hopeful.

Inspirational Authors – Laura Ingalls Wilder

1876 – 1957

Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote the famous Little House books.  Her writing allows a look at the tiny aspects of life in the times and places she lived.  Without it, we wouldn’t have as much understanding of daily life issues for the people who lived and worked on the plains, and the farms of the early United States.

Laura’s writing influence my life long before I though of being a writer.  Her writing, as well as the television show and movies showed me the goodness that still exists in some little corners.  Even deeply hidden under the meanest of exteriors.

Her writing opened a path to hope and dreams of a brighter future, and honest, friendly people, who never bit back.

Her writing reminds me to see each object in the scene.  Each blade of grass, every tree, the rocks, the insects, and even the birds.  Don’t forget the little pets, both intentional -cats, dogs, chickens, and the unintentional – lice and fleas.  And how sometimes, your words may come back to haunt you, even when the person you taunted likely deserved it.

Inspirational Authors – Jody Lynn Nye

Jody Lynn Nye joined with Robert Asprin to continue the Myth Adventure line.  Her work in these novels allowed the universe he created to continue after he was no longer able to write.  Her stories are just as fun, punny, and fantastical as his ever were!
And in many ways, some of her own writings, such as the Mythology series, are a special set of bringing hidden magic into the world we think we know. You look closer at things, people, plants, and animals after reading her stories.  Her writings give them thoughts, feelings, and a life we cannot imagine in such a hurried style we live in.

Her writings have only begun to influence my writing.  Mostly because I have primarily edited it seems for the last two years.  However, I can see how the characters in Trails 5 and 6 will take her understanding, and relation to objects and plants, past, and future, and to rebuild what could have been.  Whether or not it will be.  And I can see how they could influence some short stories – especially The Empath.