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12/24/17 – 01/10/17 Crosswinds: Past, Present, and Future Combine – $0.99

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Coffee, Tea, and Gluten Free: Resources and Appendixes –

VoiceOver With the Brailliant Braille Display –

Four Science Fiction Short Stories –


One subject that is covered in nearly the entire Trails Series is Landfills.
Landfills are the bane of the last 120 years.
Before then, our ancestors used and re-used items they created until they were no longer useful. Then, they served as fuel.
In some areas, particularly along coastlines, a garbage might develop – containing the discarded shells fish. Anthropologists enjoy studying them.
Did you know that a newspaper printed and placed in a landfill over 100 years ago, would be as readable as it was when placed there?
The descendants of today will have to mine our landfills. they will have to find a way to safely dispose of things such as the billions of batteries, electronics, broken light bulbs, and other items that leak toxins into our drinking water.
They have been left a sordid chore.
What to do with all the toxins? How to safely dispose of them so that they can never again harm the environment, or a living being?

As We Lose Our Way

As I watch our nation lose it way, I’m sad.
No more education (no teachers, doctors, nurses, architects, scientists, astronauts, geologists, and more).
No more EPA. No more safe food. No safe steams to play in, fish to eat, or water to drink.
No more FDA. Drugs and food will no longer be regulated. It’ll be a buy at your own risk to eat and drink.
I wrote Trails 1: Trails Through the Fault Lines, and Trails 2: Trails Through the Volcano.
Had no intention of them being prophetic. We know who Mr. Spike is. And the damage he has done.
Yes. Yellowstone will speak. Not kindly. Her ash flows will cover most of the U. S. The Rio Sea will rise again.

Inspirational Scientists – Dr. Rebecca Williams

Dr. Rebecca Williams combines volcanology, geology, and petrology on her Twitter feed.  She researches the interactions between volcanoes and their local communities.  She is also a professor.

I’ve read various blogs about her studies into volcanoes and pyroclastic flows.  Pyroclastic flows are deadly, like in Pompeii.   She is working to better understand them, and perhaps be able to predict them.  Part of predicting them, is predicting the paths the flows may take.  Which often includes cleared roads.  I think she has a lot of fun researching, and teaching her students.

I actually found Dr. Rebecca Williams on Twitter after I finished Trails 1 and Trails 2.  I had already published Trails 1.  I do enjoy her posts and pictures.  Thankfully, nothing I’ve read by her contradicts what I have already written.  Her work compliments what I have written about female scientists being able to do any research, and hold any position in the science fields.

Inspirational Scientists – Ron Schott

Ron Schott is a geologist.  He was an early adopter of Google Plus and the hangouts. Those hangouts were very educational.  The picture sharing didn’t work as well at that stage.  Lots of talk about geology, earthquakes, and volcanoes.  I don’t think he is still doing these.  Or, only for specific private groups.  He posts frequently on Twitter.  These pictures are always fascinating.  He also has a website for his gigapans: .

Thanks to his help, I was able to make my geologists and volcanologist more believable.  As well as have an opportunity to ask questions about the landscapes Amber and Alex would encounter.  I did my best to avoid some of the movie myths that annoy true geologists.  I may not have caught all of them.  I truly appreciated all of his efforts to help bring science alive to people who otherwise might feel intimidated by it.  Hopefully, I can make others feel they can study and contribute to the future of scientific knowledge.