One subject that is covered in nearly the entire Trails Series is Landfills.
Landfills are the bane of the last 120 years.
Before then, our ancestors used and re-used items they created until they were no longer useful. Then, they served as fuel.
In some areas, particularly along coastlines, a garbage might develop – containing the discarded shells fish. Anthropologists enjoy studying them.
Did you know that a newspaper printed and placed in a landfill over 100 years ago, would be as readable as it was when placed there?
The descendants of today will have to mine our landfills. they will have to find a way to safely dispose of things such as the billions of batteries, electronics, broken light bulbs, and other items that leak toxins into our drinking water.
They have been left a sordid chore.
What to do with all the toxins? How to safely dispose of them so that they can never again harm the environment, or a living being?

Pacific Garbage Patch

When I’m stressed, I sing. I’ve been doing that a lot lately. I need to quit creating songs.
One aspect that is lightly mentioned in my novels, and would make a good follow up short story if I ever have time – the trip to the Pacific Garbage Patch.
We really need our teens to work on this. Teens – because they have the brain power, the energy, the strength to do the work. They haven’t been told no too many times. They haven’t accepted the death of the planet as inevitable in the next few decades. They don’t want to race to that moment. They want to live to see adulthood.
We need them to create ways to collect the garbage patches. We need them to clean up the mess their parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and great-great-grandparents made.
Then, we need to know if the plastic eating bacteria are safe. What happens when they encounter batteries in the garbage for instance?
We don’t want to create a bigger problem.
Or, like some Northern European countries, we need to turn those plastics back into fuel.
Our planet cannot exist without living oceans.
If all the animals die – through over hunting and eating plastic instead of food, the currents will slow. The tides will change. The weather patterns will falter.
We need living oceans.
We need living creatures.
We don’t want to be the cause of the only living things on Earth being bacteria and viruses.
We need science oriented teens to lead the way to save our planet.
We might not live long enough to see sustainable oceans. They might. Teens are our hope for a future. One we won’t see.
One they, and the children of today deserve. They deserve a chance to live. And at least a tenth of the resources of those who lived in the last century.
Give them a chance to save the Earth for themselves, and their future.

The Last Decade



Often during the last decade, I have felt as if I were spinning my wheels.  Stuck in a quagmire of editing.  Here is what I have completed.  The weight feels good in my hands.

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